Privacy and Disclaimer


While all attempts have been made to ensure its accuracy, Global Family Doctor Pty Ltd and their respective servants and agents, to the maximum extent permitted by law, accept no liability for any loss, injury, claim or damage resulting from the use or application of the information in this website.


Privacy Statement


Global Family Doctor is collecting details from Membership Profiles to allow WONCA to match resources with global areas of need. Global Family Doctor is also entering email addresses of registrants into a list server, to allow us to more readily inform you about regular and new Global Family Doctor content and services. This list is collected from Membership profiles and is used solely by Global Family Doctor and WONCA and will not be given to any third party. We do urge members to supply this detail, which will assist WONCA in its world mission. Any data or statistics generated by the registration details will not carry any personal identifiers of individual members.

List servers and email communications

Email communications via list servers, will be one way only, to safeguard your data from possible mis-use. Email communications from the list server also carry a facility for members to remove themselves from the list.


Newsletters and other communications will be run via the member list servers. Some 'special promotions' may also be directed to parts of the membership list via a 'special code'. Again, while special promotions may be directed to certain types of members, full privacy of member detail is ensured.


On registering with Global Family Doctor for the first time, a 'cookie' (or small data file) will be forwarded to your computer's hard drive, to allow the Global Family Doctor site to recognize that you have already logged in. This is an automatic process and thereafter users proceed directly to the site home page.

Payment Refunds

In the case they you are to be issued a refund for any reason, please note the amont you paid will be refunded in USD and we cannot guarantee the same exchange rate at the time of purchase. The exchange rate on the day of purchase and the exchange rate at the time of credit my differ due to your bank's processing time.


Aggregate information

Any (unattached) data generated by the site and used by WONCA or Global Family Doctor will have all personal identifiers removed.

Changes to policy

Any changes to this policy will be highlighted on Global Family Doctor and/or member emails and newsletters.